Bio-Exorcist Candle
Bio-Exorcist Candle
The Magic Oil Box LLC

Bio-Exorcist Candle

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You’ve experienced the power of our Bio-Exorcist roller blend and room spray. Now, banish the dark and negative energies of your world  with our new exclusive Bio-Exorcist candle.

Crafted with coco-apricot crème wax, Palo Santo, and Sage essential oils, this 10.5oz candle is vegan and chemical-free. For a limited time, E-mail subscribers can pre-order our exclusive Bio-Exorcist Candle that SOLD OUT at Midsummer Scream! Searching for a unique Halloween present for your Ghoul-Friend? Look no further than The Magic Oil Box, where we celebrate the Strange and Usual. 

Contains:  Coco-Apricot creme Wax, Palo Santo EO, Sage, EO, and Fractionated Coconut Oil

All orders will ship at the end of September..